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The rewards for rescuing these horses, returning them to health, and locating forever homes is priceless. However, the reality is that there are real expenses involved in operating this rescue. SHARE is operated and maintained through its volunteers.  All funding comes through donations as SHARE does not receive funds through local, state or federal taxes.  SHARE must raise the funds necessary to feed and care for the horses through fund-raising projects, adoption fees, auctions or direct-mail solicitations.  Please consider making a donation - all donations are federal tax-deductible.


Beginning late 2019 and continuing, donors of $100 will receive a silver horseshoe.  With a donation of $250 or more, you will recieve a SHARE hooded sweatshirt and a golden horseshoe.  Donors will also be able to receive our e-newsletter.


If you wish to make a donation to SHARE, please send check or money order to:



PO Box 8196

Champaign, IL 61826



Want to know what you can do to help?

Donate. Our vet comes out to monitor the condition of the horses frequently and that gets expensive. We've found senior feed to be the best thing for helping nutritionally compromised horses, along with lots of hay. You can donate to us via paypal or US mail, all info is on this page. You can also call or stop by Prairieland Feeds in Savoy or visit the Rantoul or Champaign Rural King locations to make a purchase to donate to us. You can also make a payment to our vet - We will let you know where to make this donation as our long time vet, Dr. Monfort, has passed away.  Please contact us at our email -   - thank you!

Volunteer. Every night volunteers come to SHARE to help us bring in and feed the horses. Some horses are under strict quarantine procedures, meaning if you visit them or interact with them you need to walk through bleach water and change clothes, gloves, etc. before being around the other horses, OR make these horses the last thing you do. We manage and communicate with our volunteers via a website, so if you want to help please sign-up. We also need help managing fundraisers, organizing communication, and writing grants, so even if you're not physically able to help, we still need you! Email  Volunteers must be 16 years old or older.

Foster. Do you have room for just one more? Because we have to treat all of these horses as potentially contagious, and keep monitoring them closely and feeding carefully, the horses involved in this rescue aren't suitable as foster horses yet. We have two kinds of foster homes: pasture pet foster homes who take a horse who isn't likely to be adopted otherwise, and training foster homes. If you think you can provide care for one of our pasture pets, here's an article with their information. If you have experience and can start a horse under saddle, or do ground work with one of our extremely timid horses, we need you as a training foster home. For more info email us at and we'll also need you to fill out the adoption application, just state that you want to foster, not adopt.  AT THIS TIME, SHARE IS NOT FOSTERING except in cases of emergencies - if you are interested in emergency fostering, please contact us so we can keep your name on file.

Adopt. We ALWAYS have amazing horses for adoption. We have a number that are broke to ride whether you like a Western horse like Cinco or Ellie Mae, a future dressage superstar like Kieran, a Trakenher, or a beautiful Egyptian Arab such as Atari.  To get started fill out the adoption application.

THANK you so much for your interest in helping these horses! Keep in touch with us by subscribing to our e-newsletter and like us on Facebook.

In addition to items listed above, there are a variety of other ways to contribute to the Rescue:


  • Monthly Giving - can be checked as an option when paying with PayPal.



  • Training Sponsor - Our horses adopt quickly and easily when trained and broke to ride. Consider sponsoring some professional training. Just visit our Sponsoring page or contact us today for more information!


  • Sponsor a Horse - maybe you don't have a facility, but an individual horse catches your eye and you want to help. Visit our Sponsoring page or Contact us and discuss how you can still be involved in this horse's recovery and journey to a forever home!

American Express cardholders: You can donate your Rewards points to us, we get $10 for every 1,000 points you redeem, or use your card to donate and receive rewards points! Click the banner to make a donation to us using American Express.

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Currently we are not accepting any new owner turn-ins. We will continue to respond to investigation requests and work with the Dept of Agriculture and other authorities to aid in the rescue of animals where warranted.

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