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Closeup on a horse. Welcome to the SHARE Website

Society for Hooved Animals' Rescue and Emergency

Our mission is to maintain the integrity, well-being, and health of hooved animals through education first.

SHARE is a nonprofit humane society in the Champaign area. We have investigators that cover a large portion of Illinois.

We provide housing, care, and training for approximately 30 rescue horses at any time. Other than a few "sanctuary horses," these horses are up for adoption to loving, forever homes. Read more about our adoption requirements. Please browse our adoption list for the horses available for adoption.

We are currently not accepting any new owner turn-ins. We will continue to respond to investigations and work with the department of ag and other state and muncipal authorities on horses that need rescue as a result of investigations.

To volunteer for feeding and caring for the horses, please register on and sign-up for a training session to get started. If you would like to donate or volunteer in other ways (property maintenance, selecting a SHARE horse for socialization and training, grant-writing, fundraising, etc), please e-mail

Visiting SHARE

Because we often have horses in quarantine, easily stressed horses, and other special cases, and because the horse rescue is located on private property not belonging to the rescue, we respectfully request that the public set up an appointment before coming to visit SHARE. All available horses are listed on our website, and several times per month we take photos and post them on our updates site and our Facebook page. Because we have close to 30 adoptable horses on the property at any time and several more in foster homes, all potential adopters and foster homes are asked to fill out our brief adoption application before coming to meet the horses. If you would like to volunteer or check out our organization before donating, please e-mail or call 217-897-1435 so we can arrange to have someone to accompany you for your visit. Thank you!

Hoofbeats in my Heart - Benefit Auction and Dinner September 12th, 6:00pm

Click here to purchase tickets!

A Benefit for the Society for Hooved Animals' Rescue and Emergency.

Annual Open House is October 26th, 12-4pm

Don't forget to attend our annual open house! We'll have pony rides, games, and other activities, plus you'll get to meet all the great horses are SHARE! To learn more, including directions, visit our page for Open House.

More info on the Vermillion County Rescue

Click here to read about the January rescue of 13 horses from Muncie, IL and see what you can do to help!

In 2012, SHARE took in 19 horses and had two foals born at SHARE (to moms who came into the rescue pregnant). We adopted out 23 horses and two passed away. We started 9 horses under saddle. You can read about some of our other larger rescues including the group of ten from Toledo, IL and the nurse mare foal rescue.

Help SHARE while you shop

Did you know you can help SHARE while you shop? Please remember us as you shop throughout the year by considering making purchases through these merchants:

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    Your help is needed to help support the horses of SHARE. Use the button above to donate funds, learn about items we need on our wish list, or contact us to volunteer your time.

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    We use to organize our volunteers. We need a volunteer daily for our morning feedings, and two volunteers every evening for our evening feedings. We also need volunteers to help with property upkeep and special events. Register with our community on to keep informed about volunteer opportunities!

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    true stewardshipTrue Stewardship

    When we accept ownership of a horse, we also accept stewardship.

    We all realize horses have the strength to overpower us and gain their freedom if they so choose. It is only by the horse's cooperation that we can ride, drive, or even touch him. And when we accept our horse's willingness to be used, we can also accept stewardship of him. Stewardship is different from ownership. When we own an object, it is ours to do with as we please. With stewardship, we are bound to take good care of it, too.

    The fact a horse is alive and breathing doesn't mean he's well. A true horseperson doesn't need a course in horse psychology or a battery of lab tests and radiological scans to tell if a horse is mentally and physically well. The look in his eye, the way he carries himself, his interest in his surroundings, his work, and the health of his coat and feet tell the story.

    Stewardship isn't just about feeding and routine health care, although that's a big part. It's also about serving the horse's needs as well as our own. Far too many violations of stewardship occur every day, and they're not all situations that would fall under the umbrella of obvious abuse. Performance- or personality-altering drugs or tying horses in uncomfortable positions for hours on end before a show to break their spirit; blocking pain to allow a horse with an injury to work and risk injuring himself further; sending a horse to a killer auction to squeeze those last few hundred dollars out of him - these are all breaches of stewardship.

    The contemporary verterinarian's oath is a good example of stewardship: "I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills to protect the health and well-being of all nonhuman animals, to relieve pain and suffering in nonhuman animals, to strengthen the understanding of the inherent needs and interests of all nonhuman animals, and to promote the preservation of wildlife and their natural environment.

    Notice there's nothing in the oath about financial gain or treating the horse to achieve the goals of the owner. We should all take a similar oath and live by it. Our horses don't owe us. We owe them.

    Reprint permission granted by Horse Journal and Belvoir Media Group. Copyright 2005 Horse Journal. All rights reserved. For subscription information, please call 800-424-7887 or visit

    Our First Adoptee - Harry Potter (H.P.) and Dillon

    Our first adoptee is a pony named "H.P.," or "Harry Potter." His new and permanent owner is Dillon. Dillon and Harry Potter go trail riding with Dillon’s mother, a former horse trainer.

    H.P. has gotten very attached to Dillon in a remarkably short time. He follows along the lane when Dillon returns from school.

    Dillon's mother reports that H.P. is soon to begin training to pull a cart.


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    With each purchase at a donation is made to SHARE.